Discover Gamer Ninja as RAID ChampionDiscover Gamer Ninja as RAID Champion

Do you hear the wind whispering? He whispers something strange…something from the depths of dark magic. This wind reveals an unsuspected force hidden in the darkness of the ShadowClan faction (Shadowkin). It’s about a legendary Champion, the gamer Ninja!

Known as the Boss Slayer, this ruthless Champion is himself inspired by the famous gamer Ninja on Twitch. After training in the badlands of Halo 3 and Fortnite, he now unfolds his full abilities in the universe of RAID: Shadow Legends .
So hurry up and win the Ninja Gamer’s Champion for free by playing RAID for 7 days before October 15th… Otherwise you’ll be missing out on Ninja in RAID forever!

Find out how the famous gamer Ninja became a Champion in RAID

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend or alter ego as fun as the gamer Ninja. If you think you know Ninja, know that he is far from ordinary. You will see when you discover his legend that he is much more than his Ninja character on Twitch suggests.

Its legend began when a ShadowClan warrior happened to find an abandoned baby in the reeds of a river near his village. He could have killed the child, for he bore the marks of the Lords of the Banner, but he didn’t.
Why ? We will probably never know. Instead of killing the baby, the ShadowClan warrior took it under his protection. Hidden in the shelter of the Demonspawn by the villagers, the child was like a blank page upon which the lessons of ShadowClan were imprinted.

Growing up, the boy developed his mastery of weapons, but that was only the beginning of his journey. He soon learned the secrets of dark magic and the tricks of ShadowClan. Until no enemy could resist his powers.

The boy rose to prominence in ShadowClan’s great war of liberation. In this epic battle, he became Boss Slayer first. When ShadowClan won their freedom, the boy was given a name worthy of a legendary Champion: Ninja.

Ninja Gamer Champion Skills to Remember

For any RAID player, the Ninja Gamer Champion is an ideal leader. They don’t call him Boss Slayer for nothing!

His mastery of black magic and his art of handling weapons make him a formidable Champion. Ninja has 4 skills, including a unique passive skill. In addition, each of his skills improves when he fights Bosses.

It can also fill the Ninja gamer’s turn meter by 15% when fighting Bosses.

His Hailburn skill hits randomly three times with a searing deluge before the Gamer Ninja disappears under an invisible veil. This skill places an HP Burn debuff for 3 turns and instantly activates all HP Burn debuffs at once when hitting a Boss. This Ninja who plays on Twitch is therefore one of the best Champions to defeat the fearsome Frost Spider, Sorath, in the Tower of Fate.

Then, as revealed by Ninja on Twitch, his Cyan Slash skill freezes all enemies with a deadly sweep. If used against a Boss, the Ninja Gamer Champion will destroy half of the Boss’s defense and also reduce Hailburn’s skill cooldown by one turn.

Finally, here is the Ninja passive skill in RAID that all gamers are looking forward to: Escalation. This greatly increases his attack and critical damage dealt if the Twitch Ninja uses all of his active skills in a turn. This makes him a formidable opponent.

Of course, since this is RAID: Shadow Legends, you can perfect Ninja by discovering his artifacts and masteries. Feel free to experiment and explore it all. If you’re not sure how to get the most out of Ninja in RAID, or how best to use his powers, ask for help: Ninja gamer himself will broadcast his RAID game journey. He will share his strategies and tactics with all his followers. Don’t miss Ninja!

Win the iconic gamer Ninja RAID Champion for free

As already mentioned, the Ninja Gamer’s Legendary Champion is available to all RAID players until mid-October. Just play the game for 7 days before October 15 at 09:00 UTC, and you’ll win it forever!

In the footsteps of Ninja on Twitch , all you have to do is get started in RAID: Shadow Legends. Stay focused on the game for 7 days, add Ninja to your collection and write a new chapter in the legend of this Champion!

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