Carrot girl Violato appears! “Atelier Wrestleriana” past character PVs releasedCarrot girl Violato appears! “Atelier Wrestleriana” past character PVs released

Koei Tecmo Games recently announced the latest work in the Atelier series for iOS/Android/PC (Steam), “Atelier Wrestleliana,” and it has been announced that the main characters and alchemists from the previous series will appear, including “Ryza” and The lineup of 16 people including “Phyllis” has been announced. Under these circumstances, from Monday, September 4, 2023, we have started introducing characters from the series, including unreleased characters, and releasing character PVs on the official X (formerly Twitter) account.

 The first one is “Eudy”, the main character of the “Gramnato” series in the “Atelier” series, whose appearance has already been announced, and “Violato”, who will be shown for the first time.

 Violato (CV: Noriko Shimoya) appeared as the main character in “Violato’s Atelier: Gramnath’s Alchemist 2”, which was released as PS2 software by Gust (at the time) in 2003. The numbering is for “The Alchemist of Gramnath”, and Violato first appears in this work. The story depicts Violato’s love for carrots, a specialty of his hometown, and his struggle to revitalize his village by running an alchemy shop.

 At the time of the announcement, Noriko Shimoya, who played the role of Violato, said, “Violato, the carrot-loving character, is a character that will make you feel very energetic while playing.I’m sure everyone who plays will also feel energetic.Please receive the mysterious carrot power.” states.

 It was also announced that pre-registration for “Atelier Wrestleriana”, which has been ongoing for some time, has exceeded 300,000 people. At the same time, the rewards for exceeding 400,000 and 500,000 users will be announced, and when the number of users exceeds 500,000, the highest rarity 3★ character “Rorona” will be distributed.

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