Can taking Tadalafil in the right dosage help build muscle? 

By Admin Jun 27, 2023
Can taking Tadalafil in the right dosage help build muscle?Can taking Tadalafil in the right dosage help build muscle?

So what is Tadalafil?

First of all, to start, let’s dwell on what is Tadalafil and what is the initial use of this molecule. Tadalafil refers to an indole molecule from the family of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors . This type of molecule, known by its trade name Cialis, is very similar to other similar molecules such as sildenafil (Viagra), or Avanil (Stendra). Concretely, this type of molecule has the effect of relaxing smooth muscle fibers as well as increasing vasodilation (blood flow) in the cavernous bodies of the penis, thus causing an erection.

All are prescription drugs indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. As you have just seen, so far the Tadalafil treatment is indicated against erectile dysfunction , but has nothing to do with sport or muscle gain. We will see in the next paragraph, why some bodybuilding or bodybuilding practitioners use Tadalafil.

The interest of taking Tadalafil for bodybuilding

The question is indeed legitimate. Why athletes, in good health, in full force of age and a priori without disorder of erectile function do they consume Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is an effective vasodilator

The first element of the answer is to be sought first of all in the role of vasodilator of Tadalafil. Indeed, during an intense physical effort, such as weight training, the muscles need a higher blood supply. This carries oxygen to the muscle, the higher the supply, the better the performance.

Tadalafil would have an anti-inflammatory role

The other great fear of athletes is the risk of inflammation, especially in the muscles and the immune system, following a large volume of training. Chronic inflammation beyond discomfort can cause cell damage, impairing certain functions like the immune system. This phenomenon would be due to the fact that Tadalafil reduces the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the body.

Tadalafil could increase testosterone level

Finally, probably the most significant reason for the success of Tadalafil with bodybuilders, this molecule would significantly increase testosterone levels. However, it is widely proven that testosterone is the queen hormone when it comes to gaining muscle mass and strength. Some sources mention an increase in testosterone levels in the body of up to 30%. Nevertheless, caution is called for with regard to these data, which remain very difficult to verify.

Treatments based on Tadalafil (Cialis) are subject to Prescription

To conclude this article, it is worth remembering a few basic things about taking Tadalafil. 

First of all, the first thing to keep in mind is that Tadalafil is a treatment indicated to treat erectile function disorders and not to increase sports performance. The other aspect that follows from this observation is that Tadalafil is a drug whose sale is subject to prescription. Therefore, it is unlikely that a doctor will prescribe Tadalafil for anything other than its intended use. Thus, in the absence of a prescription, it is strictly inadvisable to try to obtain Tadalafil on the parallel market. In particular, it could be a counterfeit drug whose composition is totally unknown and may prove to be dangerous.

Finally, as we have pointed out several times during this article, to date there is no serious study attesting to a link between Tadalafil (Cialis) and muscle gain. Some positive effects cannot be ruled out, but there is nothing at this stage to confirm this definitively.

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