Free update distribution for “FINAL FANTASY XVI”!Free update distribution for “FINAL FANTASY XVI”!

It’s been a little over two months since the worldwide simultaneous release on Thursday, June 22, 2023, and the latest numbered title in the FINAL FANTASY series, which is a big hit all over the world, “FINAL FANTASY XVI” is exclusive to PlayStation 5 , and the
machine The beautiful graphics that make full use of the specs, the powerful sound, and the profound story are said to have received a great response from all over the world. Well, if you play a work that is unique to you, your heart will move.
Although it was a fairly large volume, it has been a while since its release, so I think many people have reached the end of the story , but there are those who feel like they want to spend more time in Valis There. I think there are many.
Good news for everyone! The latest information on “FINAL FANTASY XVI” has been revealed
in the video released at the “PAX West 2023” venue !

Clive’s weapons “Skin Change” & “Costume Change” implemented!

The comment video of ” FINAL FANTASY
New information regarding “FINAL FANTASY XVI” has been revealed!

This is a comment video from producer Naoki Yoshida that was released at the #PAXWest venue! #FF16

— FINAL FANTASY XVI (@FF16_JP) September 3, 2023

First of all, Clive’s weapons ” Skin Change ” and ” Costume Change ” will be implemented in a free update ! “Skin Change” is a feature that allows Clive to change the appearance of the weapon he is equipped with, while keeping its performance intact . If you have a weapon that you think suits Clive best, but had to change it due to performance issues, now you can always have a weapon with the look you like. hey. And in “Costume Change”, one costume will be added to Clive, Jill, Torgal, Ambrosia, and Joshua , and it will be possible to switch from the default costume depending on popularity. When it comes to costumes, you’re probably most curious about what they’ll look like, and some costumes have been revealed on PlayStation.Blog!

Please note that this function will be unlocked as the story progresses , so if you reset the game progress in “Strong New Game”, you will need to progress through the story again.
And in this update, Clive’s weapon ” Onion Sword ” will also be distributed!

This is a reproduction of the strongest weapon exclusive to the Onion Swordsman from FINAL FANTASY III , which FF fans are familiar with , so once you equip it, you’ll be unbeatable! I’m sure you’ll feel like…! After the update, you can receive it from the ” Item Post “, so be sure to receive it and equip it! The free update for “FINAL FANTASY Please check the “FINAL FANTASY XVI” official website for update details! Lastly, we will also introduce a free update introduction video , but it contains spoilers , so please be careful if you are currently playing the game or are planning to play it.

Also announced the development of paid DLC & PC version

We’re all happy with the free update that has started distribution, but in the second half of the video it was also revealed that development has started on two types of paid DLC ! This is in response to requests to see more of the story
of FINAL FANTASY XVI and the activities of each character, so it looks like it will allow you to enjoy the world of FINAL FANTASY XVI even more deeply.

It has also been officially announced that the PC version of FINAL FANTASY
For those of you who wanted to play but found it difficult to play because it was exclusive to PS5, this could not be better news.
It is rumored that we will be able to release a follow-up to the DLC and PC version within 2023 , so please look forward to it!
Please check the “FINAL FANTASY XVI” official website for details on the work!

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