Mech Arena PC complements the classic mobile formulaMech Arena PC complements the classic mobile formula

With great popularity on Android and iOS, Mech Arena, which will arrive on PC and Mac via the Plarium game launcher, opens new horizons for the formula of robot games .

In just a few days, we will launch Mech Arena PC on Plarium Play. The PC and Mac version contains all the ingredients of the success of the original mobile version while offering new additional options typical of PC games and Mac games .

You can start by taking advantage of the pre-registration benefits on our Mech Arena PC page to win some cool in-game goodies, including a new skin for Paragon.

These gifts will be sent to your account when you launch the game from Plarium Play. What’s new for desktop users?

Controls support update

You will quickly discover that it is much more than a simple PC port! Mech Arena PC and Mac offer very important new options for control systems.

This update includes full support for laptop keyboards, mice and touchpads, in short, everything needed for Windows games .

Not only do these changes open up new ways for you to play, but they also improve the accessibility of our game.

Whether you’ve never really been able to aim on a smartphone screen or just prefer using a mouse, we’ve got you covered with additional control options that let you play Mech Arena PC or Mac the way you want .

New aim assist option

PVP gamers and shooter fans alike know the importance of aim assist.

If it makes a lot of sense for consoles and mobile games, it can become a real handicap on the computer

If you’re a pro at hitting shots that require lightning-fast reflexes, you might just need less aim assist.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with harnessing the full potential of aim assist to get started in Mech Arena PC via Plarium Play, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.

You know how you prefer to play, and having more options will allow you to better customize the way you aim, and it could be the difference between victory and defeat.

By the way, did you know that multiplayer games allow you to compete in PVP on several platforms at the same time since the 1990s?

Except that at the time, console players didn’t have the level of aim assist that exists today, so they often had a big disadvantage!

The aim assist system in games such as Mech Arena PC solves this problem, which means that the differences between players are smaller, regardless of the platform used.

Progress in cross-platform interactions

The ability to play the same game together on different platforms at the same time is nothing new, but recent technical advancements have taken the concept to new heights.

As MMORPG game experts will tell you, playing the same game on different systems sometimes meant having to have separate accounts.

But not anymore ! Whether you’re playing Mech Arena on PC, Mac or mobile, you can use the same account. Which means you can always pick up where you left off.

With cross-platform games , playing on your iPhone, then moving to your PC, then to your Mac, then to an Android device (as long as you have that many different devices!) won’t stop you from keeping your progress and to back up your data.

A simple registration allows you to juggle between accounts and platforms.

Not only does this reduce the risk of confusion, but it gives you more time to play. Just one thing: it does not mean that several players can use the same account at the same time.

Play at home or when you travel

Whether you prefer to play Mech Arena on PC, Mac or mobile, or if you prefer iOS games , Android games , or even a game emulator , it’s up to you to decide the best conditions for having fun.

Each system has features that can make it the best possible choice, depending on needs and desires.

If you play Mech Arena PC, you get better performance, bigger screen, custom controls and more.

However, players who prefer to play Mech Arena on mobile can also expect a gaming experience and competitions that live up to their expectations.

So jump into the arena and start playing. Good luck, and remember: in sports, there’s more than one way to win.

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